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Turn to Overwrought Garden Art for Unique Outdoor Garden Seating

Do you need unique yet practical outdoor garden seating options for your backyard? Consider the beautiful designs from Overwrought Garden Art. We offer an extensive variety of outdoor benches created in our workshop using high-quality, Australian materials.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of a Metal Outdoor Bench Seat

Keeping your metal garden seats in prime condition should be a focus after your purchase. If you are unfamiliar with cleaning or caring for a metal garden bench seat, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t let stains linger: It’s important to remember that a wrought iron bench seat is always subject to the elements which include exposure to bird droppings or sunscreen from people that use the bench. If you notice any stains, try to clean it as soon as possible to eliminate the risk of permanent staining.
  • Be conscious of chemicals: It’s never advisable to use harsh chemical cleaners on metal furniture. A good practice is to clean the bench using water with a non-detergent and mild soap. You should always use a sponge or cloth and avoid using paper towels.
  • Invest in furniture covers: Do you want to protect your metal furniture from a torrential rainstorm? Purchasing furniture covers is a great solution. We recommend that you avoid buying a plastic cover as they tend to trap in humidity and water, which could damage your bench over time. Invest in a fabric furniture cover that will protect your seat without ruining it. 

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Related Services We Provide to Wrought Iron Garden Seats

We are proud to offer a wide range of services other than options for a wrought iron outdoor bench. A few examples of other items that we provide include:

  • Gift certificates: Are you looking for the perfect gift for the owner of an outdoor venue during the holidays? Ask a member of our team about our gift certificate options. Certificates can be purchased online or we can send it to you through the mail. Vouchers come in increments that range from $25 to $500.
  • Trusted partnerships: We have teamed up with numerous stockists around the country to provide you with easy access to some of our merchandise. From Blackwood to Broadford, our stockists are reliable distributors of our products. Check out our complete list of stockists.
  • Guest artist features: Our team is continuously on the lookout for the latest trends in the industry. We have dedicated an entire section of our gallery exclusively to up-and-coming artists who we believe will make their mark on the industry. Don’t miss out on viewing the creations of these talented people.

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What Sets Overwrought Garden Art Apart Regarding an Outdoor Garden Bench

We strive to be your first choice when you need a garden bench seat. Our products are second to none for the following reasons:

  • Efficient shipping procedure: We understand that you want to begin displaying your bench as soon as possible, which is why we begin working on your project once your payment clears. Our company tries to make shipping costs affordable and get your item to you within two to four weeks. Due to the fact that we hand make your item for you, the larger items, such as a bench, it will likely take closer to four weeks for you to receive your item. If you have any questions regarding where we are in the process of creating your bench, please reach out to a member of our team at any time.
  • Easy refund policy: Your satisfaction is our primary goal. If you are displeased with your order, reach out to us within 30 days to request a refund. Provided that the item is not damaged from use, we will issue you a refund of the cost of the item within ten days from the day we receive the item at our gallery. We recommend that you contact us right away if there are any issues.
  • Friendly customer service: Do you have questions about your order? Would you like to learn more about how we create our designs? Our friendly customer service team is here to help. Our Sculpture Garden and Gallery is opened seven days a week between 10 AM to 5 PM so feel free to stop in at any time to see one of our items for yourself and speak to a member of our staff.

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Benefits of Garden Bench Seating

Are you on the fence about finalising your order for a bench for a garden atmosphere? Here are a few reasons why we think this type of seating is an excellent investment:

  • Great for decoration: You can use our benches as a decorative piece in a garden or a zoo. Placing flowers around the base of the seat is a beautiful way to incorporate natural beauty with our unique designs.
  • Numerous designs: Our garden benches are not meant to blend into the background. Whether you decide to use it as an accessory or a place for sitting, the details of your bench will impress you. For example, our Autumn Leaves Metal Garden Bench Seat is intricately created to display leaves drifting through a fall breeze. Are you interested in providing single seating options? Consider our Tree Chair. The back of this chair is created to look like a growing tree built on a sturdy base of mild steel. We sell Tree Chairs separately, so you are never locked into buying more chairs than what you need.
  • Practical: It’s important not to overlook the practical use of garden bench seating. If visitors are tired or would like to sit down and take a picture of the scenery, our benches provide a convenient rest spot.

About Overwrought Garden Art

The Overwrought Garden Art team is committed to providing you with a selection of quality metal benches. Our designs are not only unique but personally made in our workshop. When you purchase one of our items, you can rest assured that you are investing in an eye-catching product that will add a touch of exclusivity to any location.

Do you have more questions about an iron bench for outdoor use? Reach out to us anytime through our contact page.


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