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Wrought Iron Gates

Where to Find Quality Wrought Iron Gates for Your Driveway

A set of wrought iron gates at the base of your driveway can serve as a security feature while also giving your property a distinguished aesthetic. At Overwrought Garden Art, we love working with clients to craft custom gates for their projects or helping clients select a design they love from our readily-available gates. If you are looking for an impressive driveway gate or even a small iron garden gate, you have come to the right place.

What Sets Overwrought Garden Art Apart Regarding Wrought Iron Gates

Whether it’s the main driveway gate, wrought iron side gates to be situated along your property’s perimeter wall or decorative gates for your garden, you can count on Overwrought Garden Art to deliver a quality result. Our top selling points for most customers include:

Tips for Getting More Value out of Your Metal Garden Gates or Driveway Gates

At Overwrought Garden Art, our goal is always to help our customers create something beautiful, functional and valuable. As you plan your next gating project, keep these tips in mind to make sure you are getting as much value as possible out of your investment.

Related Products We Offer to Decorative Metal Garden Gates

Another thing to consider when designing your decorative metal garden gates or wrought iron driveway gates is how you might theme the rest of your property to match the aesthetic of the gate itself. As mentioned above, we like to think of our gates as being both functional and decorative. A gateway is not only a way to deter trespassers, but also a way to set the tone and style for the outdoor spaces around your home. We can help with realising that theme more fully, too, as our metalworking extends to a range of decorative yard pieces. These include:

A yard doesn’t have to be a dull or drab space. With our gates, sculptures, garden art and other innovative metal pieces—including artful birdbaths and cute, creative garden stakes—you can do more with your entire outdoor area.

About Overwrought Garden Art

For the past 15 years, Overwrought Garden Art has been crafting unique, high-quality metalwork pieces in Australia for customers that want to get a bit adventurous or whimsical with their backyards or garden spaces. Today, we distribute our products to more than 100 stockists throughout Australia, in addition to selling online and from our store location in Blampied. If you are interested in our wrought iron gates or unique yard furniture, we’d love to have you visit in person for a walkthrough of our Sculpture Garden and Gallery. Contact us today if you want to learn more.

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